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Tik Tok Downloader

At some point, we'll all experience spending most of our free time, and not only, on websites like Tik Tok, for example. Minutes or hours can go by as you browse through videos uploaded by everyday people. Some are funny, others useful, or even thought-provoking. If you consume most of your time watching videos on Tik Tok, downloading a favorite video for offline viewing or personal use has probably crossed your mind. SaveFrom.Biz has the solution to your needs to download Tik Tok videos!

If you want to watch a video from Tik Tok in an offline mode, all is necessary to enter a video URL, select a format and click Download!

How to download Tik Tok videos with SaveFrom

Step 1 — Track a Tik Tok video URL into the input box

To start the downloading of the Tik Tok video, go to SafeFrom.Biz and paste the link, there is a “Search” option you can click on to choose the Tik Tok video you want to download.

Step 2 — Tick the Tik Tok video format and quality list and download

When you found the video, choose the format of the given options and click "Download".

Unlimited video downloading from Tik Tok

For downloading Tik Tok videos, we provide you with an unlimited number! Just be connected to the Internet and download as many Tik Tok videos as you like.

Download Tik Tok videos in many available formats

Tik Tok videos will be downloaded in WebM and MP4 formats that are available and 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, or 1080p for video resolutions.

Tik Tok videos to MP4

There is the option of downloading Tik Tok videos in MP4 format. Before clicking on the Download button, just choose MP4 format as an option.

A Platform for the most used browsers

To use our Tik Tok video downloader you can access SafeFrom.Biz from most commonly used browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and others.

Questions and Answers

SafeFrom.Biz is ready to answer all questions that may appear while using our downloading service.

Is SaveFrom.Biz safe for downloading free video?

Yes, there is no doubt that SaveFrom.Biz is safe to download with. We can guarantee the safety of our online service, but we cannot guarantee the content of the video you are downloading as we are not responsible for its development.

How many videos I can download per day?

We don’t have any limitations to the number of videos you want to download. You decide upon the number of them.

Does SafeFrom.Biz support its service on an Android phone?

If you have an internet connection and you can access a web browser, then there is not limited to a certain device.

Which browser can I use to download Tik Tok videos with SaveFrom.Biz?

Safari, Chrome, Mozilla or Opera, SaveFrom.Biz are the browsers which you can freely use to download any Tik Tok Video.