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How to Download Video from Facebook

Did you know there’s a method to download Facebook video to your PC while watching them? Simply add the FB video download software to your browser.

While watching the video you are interested in, hover your cursor over it. This move will activate a green button on the video. Click the link and wait for about two seconds. During this time, our software will check the host server for the available video formats. The FB video download online software will behave the same way as you scroll down your FB wall.

Download Facebook Video via Web-based App

If you got videos you intend to save from Facebook without installing the browser add-on, you can still use our web app. Implement the 3 actions below to download Facebook videos to your personal computer:

1. Get the Facebook video URL
Launch the video in Watch mode and grab the link on the address bar. Alternatively, tap the three successive dots appearing on the right upper corner of the post and grab the file link.

2. Add the FB video link to the online app's text field
Launch our website and right-click inside the input box. Then, pick the “Paste” option to add the URL of the target video. Now, hit the “Download” arrow to the right of the input field.

3. Specify the video quality you wish to extract the target file in
This service searches your target video from Facebook and asks you to specify your preferred video quality in a drop-down menu. Now, hit the “Download” bar towards the left of the downwards menu to download video from Facebook. IG Video Downloader App for Android

If you’re an avid Android user, we’ve made it easy to save clips and pics from IG. Try our smart Insta saver app today on your Android portable device. To grab content with the app, simply paste the video link in the open dialogue box. With this app, you’ll:

- Save IG videos and IGTV with a single tap.
- Stay entertained by watching your videos offline.
- Group and store your music or movies in a media library.
- Organize your files. Declutter your device.
- Listen to your favorite songs any time.
- Share interesting songs and movie clips with friends, either within IG or via WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I extract videos on Facebook’s private profiles?

The Facebook video download online software empowers you to copy private FB clips provided you can view them. To experience it, get the browser app version of this tool.

Does this Facebook downloader cost?

This Facebook video downloader is free for use. There’s no requirement to subscribe to a paid plan or even register for a free account to use this product. We won’t ask for donations either. Moreover, you can use it unlimited times as you wish. The only requirement is a PC or handheld device with a modern browser and internet connection to access our online Facebook video downloader.

When I download Facebook video with your web-based app, where does it save?

Our Facebook video downloader follows the browser settings. Most modern browsers will use the default “Downloads” folder as defined by your computer operating system. Luckily, most personal computers operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and macOS, have a dedicated folder that stores the ripped content.<br> If you wish to modify the storage of your files, you can set the desired location as the target downloads on your browser’s settings. It is impractical to adjust the designated folder for your extracted video from our web app because of restrictions on privacy settings. Since this software enables downloads of private videos on Facebook, beware that they may come with copyright protection. Therefore, use them responsibly as you are liable for contravening the owner's copyright.

How do I download FB videos to my personal computer?

Our Facebook video downloader is powerful enough to empower you to save Facebook videos to your personal computer or smart mobile device via the web browser. We've explained these options in detail on this page, just above the FAQs area. Pick one that suits you.

Why does the target video start playing on your web-based app instead of downloading to my computer?

Sometimes the clip you plan to download loads in a new window or tab. It may start to play but there is nothing to worry about. Start the download process by right-clicking the video and selecting the “Save As” option. Specify the preferred storage area on your computer driver to save the FB video.

Can I access a downloaded history on the web application?

No! We do not store downloaded FB videos on our servers. Our software only searches the provided URLs on Facebook and extracts the target files directly to the user's personal computer or cellphone. Anytime you initiate FB video download online using our web-based application, it retrieves the target file from FB servers.

Which browsers can I use with this Facebook video download software?

Our web-based Facebook video downloader is compatible with all modern PC browsers such as Safari and Google Chrome. It is advisable to keep your web browser updated to ensure a seamless installation of our extension.

Does your software keep a history of the FB links I use to download videos?

We do not keep the links you use to search FB videos. We follow strict user privacy guidelines and we won't keep users' data.

Does the web-based app support Full HD video quality?

Our FB video downloader works with a wide range of video resolutions. They include 4K, 2K, Full High Definition, High Definition, and Standard Definition. Most video authors in FB upload MP4 format files. Our app grabs the clip as it is. Therefore, the final quality of the ripped file will depend on the source video.

Is it possible to download live FB streaming videos?

No! Live streams on Facebook are still not saved on FB servers. Therefore, our web app cannot access them. In order to extract such videos and keep them on your personal computer, wait till the end of live streaming. Then, take the steps described above to download.

Can I use this FB video downloader add-on on my smartphone?

No. The FB video downloader extension is applicable only in PC browsers. If you own an Android smartphone/tablet or iOS iPad/iPhone, go online from your device’s browser and access our Facebook video downloader from this site. Alternatively, download Facebook video through our Android app.