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Download from Instagram with IG Video Downloader

This Instagram video downloader by offers a convenient way to download Instagram video and photos for free. It’s a user-friendly but powerful tool for performing unlimited Instagram video download online from any browser. You can open it from your computer mobile phone no matter the operating system.

To boost convenience, we’ve designed a browser add-on for PC and a mobile application for the Android die-hard. Our browser extension integrates seamlessly with popular browsers as well.

Quick Insta Video Download with “Savefrom Helper”

If you prefer a straightforward solution to save IG videos and photos, consider the add-on for your browser. It’s a simple installation that will turn your browser into a powerful Instagram video downloader. The tool’s icon will appear like a minit button on the clip or pic you wish to grab. Just hover your cursor and you’ll notice the icon. Then, you’ll just need to tap the button to store the pic or clip instantly. This browser extension grabs content in its best available quality.

Feel free to choose the extension whether using Opera, a Chromium-based browser, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Chrome. Any of your computers will just be fine. It doesn’t matter if it's powered by Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, or iOS.

The beauty of going for the Savefrom helper is making you capable of Instagram video download from those private profiles. There’s no single tool that’ll enable the download of restricted videos or images cost-free. This extension breaks that barrier. Get the “Savefrom Helper” browser add-on now -!

An Intelligent Instagram Video Downloader Android App

If you use Android, consider Insta Video Downloader mobile application. This brilliant app suits both cell phones and Android-based tablets.

Why install mobile app?

- Save pics, audio, and movies from Insta with a single touch.
- Stay entertained. Watch videos even where there’s no internet.
- Create a rich music and photo gallery on your phone.
- Eliminate clutter on your with this app’s files manager.
- Carry your music always.
- Share pics or movies within IG and externally via WhatsApp Messenger, etc

How to Save Insta Video From the Address Bar?

If you don’t want to switch between tabs, you can save from Insta right within your web browser through the mini domain download process. It just requires you to type the prefix “” on the target URL.

Here’s how the link will appear:

If you tap “Enter”, this link will launch a download page where you can pick the preferred format of content. By default, our tool highlights the most preferred quality, but you may change that. Just go through the option to identify the quality or file format you prefer to save.

How to Grab Instagram Video With this Online Downloader

To extract any video or photo of interest using, open our website and follow the quick steps described below:

#1 Fetch the photo or video URL

Visit your IG page and press open the reels post, image, IGTV, or video post of interest. Grab its URL link and return to the page.

#2 Insert the URL in the tool’s text box

Click the open text box and press “CTRL+V”. This will insert the URL on the dialogue box. Tap the button to your far right to initiate the conversion process.

#3 Tap the button “Download”

The tool should display various file formats as the output. Browse through the option to pick a choice. Tap the button next to your preferred file to save.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Instagram video downloader cost money?

No. We’re proud to offer you a robust tool to grab unlimited IG videos and photos free of charge. We won’t even ask you to create an account. You might see some ads on the tool, though. That’s our way to support the maintenance of this robust service.

How to download Instagram private videos and photos?

By using the browser extension “Savefrom Helper.” Get the browser add-on installed on your computer now and gain the freedom to save private IG videos and pictures.

How to use this robust Instagram downloader on Android?

We’ve got different options for people using Android devices. You may download content by either going online from your browser and finding our website, typing the short domain or installing the Android App. To enjoy a user-friendly experience, consider Android App. Fetch the APK file on this site and install it on your device. You're now fully equipped to grab content on the go.

What quality will the files be downloaded in?

This tool processes various quality options and displays them for you to select the desired choice. You can rest assured the service will give the highest quality possible depending on the original file uploaded. The tool highlights an MP4 file of 720p as the default download option.

How does the Insta save tool work on Mac OS?

You could either use the tool online, install or browser add-on or apply the short domain. Just follow the steps above for any method you deem convenient.

Where will the downloaded files be?

Check the designated folder for all downloaded content on your device. For most devices, downloaded content saves in the “Downloads” folder.

Where do I extract files from?

This tool will help you extract only that content you’ve identified from IG profiles. Our tool doesn’t keep any content on its servers as this is against our privacy policy.

How to perform free Instagram video download on iPhone?

Our tool is free-of-charge on any Apple device. For a painless download experience, it’s important to install an up-to-date version of the Safari browser. Open the reels, IGTV, or any video post you’re interested in copying. Fetch its URL and leave the app. Open this downloader from your browser and drop the link on the waiting text field. Press the Start button to your right. You’ll see various video formats. Choose one and tap “Download” to save.