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Youtube Video Downloader

Youtube is loved by people all over the world. Both video content creators and consumers spend their time on the platform either uploading content or watching videos. When you are viewing the videos, you are likely to find a favorite video that you want to keep for the future. What are your options? Youtube doesn’t allow you to save as many videos from the platform as you might want. That’s where third-party alternatives such as SaveFromBiz come in.

Why SaveFromBiz Youtube Downloader?

Free Youtube Videos Online Downloader

SaveFromBiz Youtube downloader is a web-hosted application designed to ensure the most satisfactory downloading experience from YouTube. You can create a collection of high-quality videos quickly and conveniently thanks to this service. The tool only requires you to enter the URL of the target video on the input box and it’ll extract the content within seconds.

High-quality Videos in a Format of your choice

Browse the output options to decide whether to save your video in Full HD quality, SQ, mp4, or HD. Also, SaveFromBiz enables you to convert the video to the desired format so that you can create lighter versions for different devices. So, use our online Youtube downloader to create videos and music that you can listen to offline.

Enjoy Unlimited Videos or Music On the Go

With our tool, it’s now easy to download unlimited video files from Youtube and store them on your PC or mobile device. Carrying your favorite content on your device means that you can enjoy it anytime, even when you can’t access the internet. What’s more, this tool is accessible via any browser whether it's Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or any other modern browser.

#1 Find a video which you wish to download, then copy its link.

Open Youtube and search for the video you intend to save. Click on the video to see its address at the top bar of the page. Copy the URL..

#2 Place the URL of video in the input field

Switch back to our Youtube downloader and insert the URL you copied into the open dialogue box. The video will start extracting within seconds.

#3 Select video format

The tool avails various video formats including WebM, MP4, 3GP. Browse through the options to find your desired format. Then, just tap the arrow on the right side of the input field to specify your preferred format.

#4 Press the download button

Tap the button labeled “Download” to save the video. The video will be stored in the default downloads folder. You are now ready to enjoy interesting videos and playlists offline!

How to use SaveFromBiz YouTube Downloader?

Do you wish to save a video hosted on another platform using our Youtube downloader? No worries. Our tool is designed to convert and download videos from popular video hosting platforms including Vimeo, DailyMotion, Wistia, and social media websites such as Facebook. To download from other platforms using SaveFromBiz, you may follow the method described above. All you’ll require is the video link address and this tool to save the video to your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use SaveFromBiz?

There are some videos that you can download directly from Youtube. However, not all of them. There’s also a limit as to how much content you download directly from the platform. That’s why you’ll require a specialized tool that can grab every video you find on Youtube and other platforms.

Is it legal to save YouTube videos?

As long as you do not download copyrighted music and Youtube videos, it’s alright to save them. Of course, you can’t publish them elsewhere or claim that the videos belong to you. In case you have any doubts about the content, check to make sure it’s classified under the public domain, copyleft, and creative commons.

Is the online Youtube video downloader free?

Yes, it’s free for sure! We know that some services trick users into believing that their online downloader is free, only for the user to be bombarded with numerous conditions. That’s not the case with SaveFrom Biz. No registration, a paid subscription, or the need to install anything else. Just visit our website and start saving videos and music.

Is SaveFromBiz safe to use?

Yes, our tool is safe. We keep the conversion online to reduce the chances of transferring malicious programs to your device. We also don’t ask for your information or keep a history of downloads on our servers.

How do I store the downloaded videos from YT to my device?

Once you tap the download button, the file will save into your device’s default download folder. If you want to change the destination, you can alter the settings from your device before you start the download process.

Are all Browsers Compatible with SaveFrom?

Of course, you can access it from any browser you use. Either from Safari, Chrome, Mozilla or Opera, SaveFrom.Biz will deliver the same exceptional performance.