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Instagram video downloader

Save videos and photos from Instagram in 1 click

SaveFromBiz Instagram video and photo downloader is a web application that empowers you to save IG photos and videos absolutely for free. It’s a user-friendly tool that will come in handy when you intend to download an interesting post from Instagram. All you need is to paste the URL of the Instagram post and then tap the "Download" button. The tool is versatile and you can access it on your mobile and PC while surfing the internet from any browser.

How to download Instagram Video?

It only takes 3 quick steps to save video and photos from Instagram using SaveFrom.Biz online downloader. Here are the short steps:

#1 Copy the URL

Go to Instagram and open the video, photo, reels, or IGTV content you are interested in. Highlight the contents of the address bar and copy. You just got the post’s URL.

#2 Place the URL into the input field

Switch back to SaveFrom.Biz and launch the Instagram Downloader app. You’ll see an open field on the page. Paste the link and press the arrow to the right of the input field. The tool will start downloading your files.

#3 Press “Download”

By default, this downloader will display the finest quality. In case you wish to obtain your content in a different format, you can browse through the options. When you find the desired quality, click the download button to save the video.

Using the Instagram downloader on Android

You can download Instagram videos and pictures on Android by visiting from your device.

  1. While on the website, look for the IG online video downloader and open the page.
  2. Then, open the Instagram app on your mobile browser and sign in.
  3. Click the IG post with the content you want to save so that you can see its web address.
  4. Copy the URL and switch back to the open SaveFrom.Biz Insta downloader.
  5. Place the link in the output field and tap the arrow to the side.

The download should be complete within a few seconds. Look through your phone’s storage to find the photo or video you just downloaded.

Download Instagram video on iPhone for free

You should have an updated version of the Safari browser to grab Instagram pictures and videos using SaveFromBiz IG downloader.

  1. Browse our website and open the Instagram video downloader.
  2. Go to Instagram from your iPhone or iPad and find the post you want to save.
  3. Grab the link address of the picture or video and insert it on the open input field.
  4. Tap the arrow pointing to the right side of the dialogue box.
  5. Give it a few seconds and check the clip or image on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the SaveFromBiz Instagram video downloader free?

Our tool is available to you for free. We don’t ask you to create an account or install anything. You just visit our website and choose the IG online downloader. You will be directed to this page where you can download unlimited high-quality videos and photos for free.

How to save IG videos and photos on Mac OS?

It’s easy and fast to download Instagram posts on Mac OS using our service. Just find the link and insert it in the open text box. Follow the tool’s prompts according to the steps given above. The downloaded videos will be stored in your Mac’s default download folder.

How to save Instagram private videos and photos?

Unfortunately, it's impossible to download content from Instagram users who have set their profiles private. There’s no online tool that will download content without accessing the IG profile first. We respect the preferences of IG users who want to keep their profiles private. We will not go against their will and provide an option to save pictures and clips from such an account.

Where can I save files from?

Our web service is for saving photos and videos from Instagram posts, videos and stories. You’ll not find any videos or pictures on our servers that you can download. This is because we do not store any download history.

Does your tool store information about my previous downloads?

Not at all. Storing download history is against our guiding principle with regard to user’s privacy and safety of personal data.

What quality options does this tool support?

Trust SaveFromBiz to obtain the highest possible quality of images and clips you find on IG. Our Insta video downloader browses through the various options and shows the best quality of the source file. As long as the source file was uploaded in high quality, use SaveFrom.Biz to create videos in MP4 format and a good resolution such as 720p or 1040p.

Where will the downloaded files store?

Once the download is complete, the picture or video should be in the default downloads folder on your device. This is the place where you have specified that all content from the internet should go. Usually, the default folder on computers and most devices is labeled “Downloads”.