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Twitter Video Downloader

With over 186 million users as of 2020, Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to communicate important information quickly to their followers. Tweets could be in the form of text messages, videos, GIFs, or photos. SaveFrom Biz Twitter Video Downloader allows you to grab videos and GIFs from your Twitter account and save them on your device. This application is web-based and therefore designed to work on both PCs and mobile devices as long as they can connect to the internet.

SaveFromBiz Twitter Video Downloader Features

Universal Design

SaveFromBiz Twitter video downloader is compatible with all platforms, including Android, Windows, Mac OS, and iOS. All you need to access our downloader is an updated modern browser such as Apples’ Safari, Google’s Chrome, and Microsoft’s Edge.

Fast Downloads

Our Twitter video downloader gives you fast download speeds, so you don’t have to wait for long when downloading your videos. It will take a few seconds to grab your target video from Twitter.

Absolutely Free

Our application is free to use. You don’t need to subscribe to any paid plan or open an account. We provide the service free of charge to all users. Our platform has ads whose income we use for support and development.

How to Use Twitter Video Downloader

Using this video downloader is easy and straightforward; just follow these methods.

Method 1

The first step is to get the video URL from Twitter. To achieve this, open the video in a tweet by clicking the “Show this thread” link. This action will reveal the address of this video. Now, copy this URL and launch our online Twitter video downloader, probably on a different tab. Paste the copied link to the text box and click the “Download” button.

Method 2

When you identify the tweet with your target video, right-click the clip. This move will activate a pop-up button that prompts you to copy the video address. Click on this button to add the video URL to your clipboard. Now proceed to paste the link to our application’s text box and click the download link. Follow the next steps as in Method 1 above.

Method 3

Click the “Share” link on the tweet. This move will reveal three options. Choose the option to “Copy link to tweet”. The video URL will be copied to your clipboard. Paste it to the Twitter video downloader’s input field. Now, proceed with the download process, as explained in Method 1.

How do I download Twitter videos on Android?

To download Twitter videos on an Android device using this application:

  1. Go to theTwitter video’s page and copy it’s URL.
  2. Now open our Twitter video downloader on your Android device using a current browser.
  3. Paste the link to the text box on the application and click the download link.
  4. Select the desired video quality and format to proceed with the download process.
  5. Your video will download in seconds. To get the video, go to your default downloads folder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this Twitter Video downloader work on a MacBook?

Yes. This Twitter video download application is compatible with Mac OS. All you need is an updated web browser and a stable internet connection.

How do I save videos on Mac OS for free?

Copy the video link and paste it into the downloader textbox. Press the download link to start the conversion process. The application will reveal the available file qualities and formats. Choose the one that suits your needs by clicking the respective download link to grab the video.

Is this Twitter video downloader free?

Yes. Our platform is absolutely free. You do not need to subscribe to any paid plan or create any user account. This way, you will not need to share your personal information, such as email and names.

Is it safe to use this Twitter video downloader?

Absolutely! We adhere strictly to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. For instance, we allow you to use our application anonymously without disclosing your identity. Moreover, we do not keep your download history.