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Tik Tok Video Downloader

Tik Tok is one of the popular platforms for sharing music videos thanks to its lip-syncing feature. It also uses powerful algorithms that suggest the most relevant videos to its users. As of 2020, this social media platform had over 65.9 million users from around the globe. Just like any other online platform, you can enjoy Tik Tok content anywhere, anytime on your PC or mobile device as long as you have an internet connection. But what happens when you want to access some of your favorite videos offline in the future? This is where our innovative Tik Tok video downloader comes in.

Tik Tok Video Downloader Key Features

Use on multiple platforms

SaveFrom Biz Tik Tok video downloader application is web-based and is designed to be used on any platform. Download your TikTok videos on Android, Mac OS, iOS, and Windows. All you need is a modern browser that’s updated. Some of the popular browsers supported by this tool include Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft’s Edge.

Highly intuitive downloader

This application features a responsive design. This way, you can use the app intuitively on mobile devices as you would access it on your MacBook or desktop. Feel free to download the video in the format that suits you. The application also allows you to download an MP4 version of the video clip, which you can listen to while offline or share online.

Preview option

The application allows you to view your Tik Tok video before downloading it. Stay calm and save the right clip by confirming it before you download it. It is also easy to use and you do not need any special skills to master it. Our TikTok video downloader is free to use. You also don’t require registering for a user account with us to use our service.

How to use Tik Tok Video Downloader?

Using this video downloader is easy and straightforward, just follow these methods.

1. Start by identifying the Tik Tok video you want to download. Click on the video to open it and copy its URL.

2. Now, launch our Tik Tok downloader on your browser. The application will load and you will see a blank text box with a button next to it that’s labeled “Download”.

3. Paste the copied URL on the blank text box. The application will immediately start processing the file for download.

4. If you get an error message, double-check the link you copied to confirm whether it’s the correct one and paste it into the text box.

5. After validating the link, you will get a preview of the video on this application.

6. Click on the “Download” button to preview and confirm that you are saving the correct video.

7. The download process will start immediately and the file will be saved in the default downloads folder of your device.

Note that our application is set to download videos in MP4 format by default. Therefore, confirm the output format before downloading the clip. If you have several clips you wish to download, repeat the above steps for each video clip.

How to use Tik Tok video downloader on iPhone

It’s important that your iPhone is running iOS 13 or a later version.

  1. Launch the SaveFromBiz Tik Tok video downloading software on your Safari browser.
  2. Now, open the Tik Tok app and grab the video URL.
  3. Paste it into the app’s download text box.
  4. Click the download button and you will have the video in seconds.
  5. Check the downloaded file in your videos folder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this Tik Tok video downloader work on Mac OS?

Yes. All you need to make sure is that your Mac has an updated browser such as Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera. Launch the application on this browser and grab the video URL. Paste the video link in the provided text box and click the download button.

Does this application keep my download history?

No. Our application does not keep a history of your Tik Tok downloads. We respect your privacy as detailed in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Do I need to pay to use the Tik Tok Video downloader?

No. Our application is absolutely free to use. You will, however, see ads on the app. The income gained from these ads goes towards supporting this awesome software and improving it.

Can I use the Tik Tok video downloader on Android?

Yes. You can use our web-based app on any hand-held device, including Android smartphones and tablets. Simply follow the steps described above for a hassle-free downloading experience.

Can I choose the format of the video I want to download?

Our Tik Tok video downloader will display the available file formats before you can start downloading. Simply click the drop-down arrow next to the download button to reveal the available file formats. You will also see the available video quality next to the file format.

Which browser can I use to download Tik Tok videos?

Safari, Chrome, Mozilla or Opera, SaveFrom.Biz are the browsers which you can freely use to download any Tik Tok Video.